Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Food Revolution Day Announcement

Hey Everyone, I am back! During my hiatus from the blog things have really been picking up around here and I will have more exciting updates and announcements about my health coaching program coming up soon. Today I want to share something I am really happy about.

I have been selected as a Food Revolution Ambassador for the area as a part of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Foundation! What this means is that I will be volunteering to further the mission of the foundation. The Food Revolution has selected a number of volunteers from around the world who showed a deep commitment to real food and I am thrilled to be one of them.

This being said, I am pleased to announce the official date for Food Revolution Day 2013.

Stay tuned for more info on monthly challenges and events as well as plans to celebrate Food Revolution Day on May 17th, 2013.

About the Foundation

The Food Revolution is a global movement that allows people who love food to come together to share information, talents and resources and also to pass on their knowledge and highlight the world's food issues. All around the globe, people work together to make a difference. The Food Revolution is about connecting with your community in schools, restaurants and local businesses. We want to inspire change in people's food habits and to promote the mission for better food and education for everyone.

About Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver is the founder and driving force who inspired millions around the world to join the Food Revolution. In 2010, as part of the ABC TV series, Jamie's Food Revolution, Jamie worked to improve school food and set up a community kitchen in Huntington, West Virginia to teach people how to cook from scratch. Although difficult at first, it received a great response and a second series followed tackling school food and eating habits in Los Angeles. Jamie set up the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, to continue his work across America and inspire people everywhere to stand up for real food. The Food Revolution is now a global movement, reaching communities around the world through a network of volunteers, tackling the obesity epidemic and diet-related diseases with better food education and cooking fresh, real food from scratch.

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